ICS Airsoft Guns

If you’ve been around the airsoft world for a while then you have probably heard of the top 3 manufacturers: ICS, Tokyo Marui, and Classic Army. The most under-rated of the three is the ICS airsoft line. If you are serious about airsoft, this is one Airsoft Manufacturer you need to know about.  ICS Airsoft Guns should be your primary weapon!

Taiwanese based ICS (short for I Chih Shivan Enterprise) was founded in 1983, producing mostly gas and air pistols. As Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG) rose in popularity, ICS switched their focus to high end AEG’s in 1998. They now produce some of the finest M4/M16, MOD5, and AK style airsoft guns available. In addition to these popular guns, ICS also produces a line of SIG and L85 Airsoft Guns. Despite issues with earlier ICS models, ICS and most Taiwanese airsoft gun manufacturers do something that many of the Chinese manufacturers do not, they listen to their customer base and work on fixing issues. They have since worked out any issues with their AEGs. The result is a solid product line you can count on. If you are interested in purchasing an airsoft gun visit your local airsoft store.

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